Membership Categories

Joint Membership Requirement: Please note that there is a joint membership requirement with the American Psychiatric Association. All applications for membership and changes in membership status must be approved by both organizations. Each organization has its own dues structure and benefits. For information on the APA dues structure, call 202-559-3900 or check their website.

Medical Student Members is for physicians in training who are enrolled in an accredited school of medicine. Membership dues are waived.

Resident Fellow Members is for physicians in an accredited psychiatric residency training program or fellowship.

General Members are physicians who have completed training and who have either a valid license to practice medicine in Iowa or hold an academic, research, or government position that does not require licensure.

APA Fellows is an honorary category. “General Members” (see above) with at least five consecutive years of membership who are also Board Certified will be invited by the APA to apply. Qualified individuals must complete a brief online application which is then reviewed by the APA Membership Committee and APA Board of Trustees.

Distinguished Fellows is an honorary category.  Eligible persons are invited by the IPPS Membership Committee to apply. These members have been General Members for at least eight consecutive years and shall have made a significant contribution to the field of psychiatry. The criteria and procedures for nomination follows the APA guidelines and are available by contacting the IPPS office.

Life Members and Life Fellows are those in their respective categories whose years of active membership in the Society plus age at the start of the fiscal year shall equal ninety-five. Membership dues are pro-rated. No individual shall be eligible for the rule of 95 after the 2021 renewal year. After 2021, Life Status will be an honorary designation that can be achieved by either (i) being a member for 30 or more years; or (ii) paying lump sum dues to become a member for life.


  • A member who is near retirement age and works less than 15 hours per week in any administrative or clinical role or roles (i.e. across multiple settings).


  • A member who has reached retirement age and is fully retired from all administrative or clinical responsibilities.
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