On Friday, October 13, 2023, IPPS will be giving the following two awards.  Please read the descriptions of what the nominating committee is looking for in an award winner and complete the form to submit your nominee. If you have a nominee for each award, you will need to submit two separate forms.

Paul E. Huston Award

The Paul E. Huston Award was established in 1988 by the Society in honor of Dr. Huston who, for many years was Head of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Iowa and who was one of the founders and first President of the Iowa Psychiatric Society. The award honors a psychiatrist whose outstanding contributions have improved the welfare of those with mental illness in Iowa.


  • Membership in the Iowa Psychiatric Physicians Society is required.
  • Contributions must be considered exceptional meritorious service to the field of psychiatry and the welfare of the mentally ill.

Application Requirements

  • Application can be self-nomination or by nomination of any IPPS member in good standing
  • Nominations should include
    • contact information of the nominator and nominee
    • nominee CV 
    • A statement of no more than 750 words.  Examples of possible content:
  • Service or Administration
    • Outstanding clinical service in the private or public sector at the state or local level, and in a professional or administrative capacity.
    • Outstanding contributions to the care and treatment of the mentally ill through liaison with other professional, administrative, legislative, civic or mental health organizations.
    • Substantial efforts leading to the development or enactment of legislation favorable to the mentally ill.
    • Outstanding efforts in the procurement of funds and recruitment of personnel to support and staff special psychiatric services.
    • Outstanding leadership in matters pertaining to the care and welfare of the mentally ill.
  • Teaching
    • Teaching need not be confined to academic or formal instruction but may include any form of education that leads to betterment of the mentally ill.  Education might include:
      • Significant contributions to public education through media presentations, consultation to civic boards and/or local authorities.
      • Sustained efforts to increase public awareness and the understanding of mental illness.
      • Substantial contributions toward increasing understanding of the psychiatric needs of special groups, such as children or the elderly, through educational programs. 
      • Substantial contributions through consultations to industry, the courts, nursing homes, hospitals, etc.
      • Important contributions to the care and welfare of the mentally ill through community surveys, assessment of cost effectiveness, development of clinical standards, etc.
  • Research
    • Significant contributions to the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric illness through original research or scholarly work.

Resident Excellence Award

The award recognizes a resident who best exemplifies excellence in a broad range of academic activities at their training program as well as active involvement in educational and social activities of the Iowa Psychiatric Physicians Society, promoting and propagating the mission and vision of IPPS in the state of Iowa.  The resident or fellow is deemed likely to make a significant contribution to the field. The award includes a $500 check from IPS. 


  • Residents or fellows in an accredited psychiatry training program in Iowa at the time of application
  • Residents or fellows who are not previous winners of this award
  • Membership in the Iowa Psychiatric Physicians Society is not required

Application Requirements

  • Application can be self-nomination or by peers or faculty or any IPPS member in good standing
  • Personal statement of no more than 750 words, double-spaced, discussing the candidate’s interests, long-range career goals in psychiatry, and most important achievements to date
  • Nominee CV
  • One nomination letter, no more than two pages single-spaced, from the current residency training program director or the current department chair, indicating the reasons why this individual should be selected 

Nominations will be accepted July 18 – August 18, 5pm CT. Once nominations are closed, the Nominating Committee will convene and select award recipients.  

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