Anti-Racism Statement

The Iowa Psychiatric Physicians Society (IPPS) honors the lives of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and too many others who have fallen victim to racial discrimination and police brutality. IPPS recognizes that we, at the intersection of medicine and mental health, must take a stand against the disproportionate prejudice, violence, and injustice that those who are black, indigenous, or persons of color face. The mission of psychiatry is to provide compassionate and high-quality mental health care; this mission must include advocating for our patients and helping them overcome the barriers they face in achieving a healthy and safe life. As an organization, we commit to supporting our members of color, black, and indigenous heritage who continue to dedicate themselves to the service of persons with mental illness, all while confronting prejudice themselves. We join with countless others across our state and nation who demand change. We are still learning. As we do so, we will advocate for meaningful reforms promoting racial justice and compassionate treatment for all. For now, IPPS commits to the following:


  • CONDEMN all forms of racism, bigotry, and prejudice;
  • RECOGNIZE the trauma of racism and its harmful effects on the mental and emotional wellbeing of our patients and our members;
  • STAND TOGETHER with all who work to oppose discrimination in institutions meant to heal and protect all people;
  • TAKE ACTION to change the ways that our practice and our profession contribute to systemic racism, such as racial discrepancies in psychiatric diagnosis and treatment;
  • AMPLIFY the voices and concerns of black, indigenous, and persons of color who deserve equitable treatment in healthcare and in society;
  • EMBRACE opportunities to learn and grow from individual change and open dialogue.

IPPS encourages Iowans who are suffering from trauma, grief, or stress due to the recent/ongoing
displays of violence and unrest to seek healing. When that healing includes psychiatric care, our
members are ready to help.

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