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The Iowa Psychiatric Physicians Society (IPPS) is the statewide professional association for more than 200 psychiatrists in the state of Iowa. It is affiliated with the American Psychiatric Association (APA).

The purpose of the organization is:

  • To foster the science and progress of psychiatry in cooperation with the American Psychiatric Association;
  • To serve as an influence toward the maintenance of high professional and administrative standards;
  • To promote the common professional interests of its members;
  • To improve the treatment, rehabilitation, and care of persons with mental disorders (including mental retardation and substance-related disorders)
  • To advance the standards of all psychiatric services and facilities
  • To promote research, professional education in psychiatry and allied fields, and the prevention of psychiatric disabilities;  
  • To foster the cooperation of all who are concerned with the medical, psychological, social, and legal aspects of mental health and illness;
  • To make psychiatric knowledge available to practitioners of medicine, to scientists, and to the public;
  • To promote the best interests of patients and those actually or potentially making use of mental health services;
  • To promote the best interests of patients and those actually or potentially making use of psychiatric services;
  • To establish and support standards for psychiatric practice and peer review;
  • To advocate for its members.
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